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Introducing Zapotec’s MassCEC SWICE Fellow, Monthyna
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Introducing Zapotec’s MassCEC SWICE Fellow, Monthyna image

Last month, Zapotec Energy invited Monthyna Genece to join the team as the company's first MassCEC Successful Women in Clean Energy (SWICE) Fellow. In 2008, Monthyna completed an interdisciplinary B.A. degree at Fitchburg State University, with concentrations in sociology and social science.

SWICE is a workforce development program, sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, for women who want to transition into the clean energy industries in Massachusetts. Prior to entering the clean energy industry, Monthyna had a variety of professional experiences in the field of human services. After many years working in the human services field, however, Monthyna was ready to make a career change towards clean energy.

“Before I attended SWICE, I did not know much about clean energy,” says Monthyna. “The program opened the door to a whole new opportunity.” The SWICE training program motivated Monthyna to return to school in 2017 to complete a certificate program in Sustainability and Lifecycle Management at MassBay Community College.  She also recently attended the Green Jobs Academy in Framingham, MA, concentrating on the clean energy sector.

After only a few weeks, Monthyna has already begun to learn about the many aspects of a clean energy business. She is eager to receive hands-on experience, whether it be on-site with the engineers, at a training session or back in the office. “This fellowship at Zapotec Energy will allow me to utilize the training I received at SWICE to help further my knowledge about solar and other renewable energy technologies and, ultimately, achieve my new career goals,” says Monthyna.


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