Bentley University Multipurpose Arena

Bentley University Multipurpose Arena image Bentley University Multipurpose Arena image

In 2017, Bentley University partnered with Rivermoor Energy to develop a 504 kW building-integrated rooftop solar energy system on its new Multipurpose Arena. Zapotec Energy was contracted to complete the mechanical and electrical designs for the system and to help Rivermoor Energy with project management services for the installation. The solar energy system consists of 1,400 solar panels, 15 inverters, 700 optimizers and a solar racking system. The solar panels are mounted to the Arena’s standing seam metal roof, which was designed to be facing south. The system is expected to generate enough solar power to produce 40 percent of the Arena’s annual electricity needs. In June 2018, Bentley’s Multipurpose Arena became the first ice hockey arena to earn LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council (USGBC), making it the “most environmentally sustainable” in the country.


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