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Zapotec on Track to Finish Its First Solar Canopy Project
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Zapotec on Track to Finish Its First Solar Canopy Project image

Zapotec Energy is expected to complete its first solar canopy project in Waltham, MA by December 2015. The canopy covers a parking garage at 275 Wyman Street, a new building currently occupied by Vistaprint, located in an office park operated by Hobbs Brook Management. The construction project, led by Columbia Construction Company (CCC), was a collaborative effort between five major players: CCC, Zapotec Energy, Solaire Generation, Professional Electrical Contractors of CT (PEC) and AHA Consulting Engineers. The engineers at Zapotec are responsible for the design of the PV system.

Unlike many solar energy systems, which face south, the arrays at 275 Wyman face westward and have a low tilt angle due to architectural concerns during the initial construction process. Despite its western orientation, the 580 kW PV system is expected to produce 673,400 kWh per year— enough energy to power 70 Massachusetts homes.

“You’ll be able to see this array from outer space,” says Paul Lyons, CEO of Zapotec Energy. “It’s impressive.”

The Massachusetts Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) program offers full incentives for certain solar developments that meet the state’s goal to create a diverse project portfolio. By building a solar canopy, a project eligible for market sector A, the owners can take advantage of the 1.0 multiplying factor allowing them obtain the maximum amount of SRECs and increase their savings.

This is an exciting venture for Zapotec and another step forward for renewable energy in Massachusetts. We hope to have the opportunity to design similar projects in the future.


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