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Zapotec Joins the City-Wide Sunny Cambridge Initiative
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Zapotec Joins the City-Wide Sunny Cambridge Initiative image

Recently, Zapotec Energy has teamed up with the City of Cambridge and EnergySage, an online platform that matches homeowners with solar installers, to take part in a city-wide initiative called Sunny Cambridge that will increase the number of homes powered by solar energy. We have been brought on as the City’s Solar Advisor to guide solar champions of multi-family homes and condominium buildings throughout the solar installation process.

The overall goal of the initiative is simple: to get more solar on more rooftops in Cambridge. The Sunny Cambridge program makes the transition to solar easy for residents by providing helpful resources and advice.

Living in a condo building, however, adds a second layer to the installation process. Because condominium buildings are made up of multiple units, making decisions can be more complicated and even result in a hold on the entire project. Zapotec’s role as a Solar Advisor is to help walk residents through the necessary steps and navigate through any difficulties related to installing solar on their condo’s roof. For instance, Zapotec will help you determine if your roof is suitable for a solar installation, make sure all interested stakeholders support the project, and guide you through various financing options.

Let us help! Join the Sunny Cambridge initiative today by visiting www.SunnyCambridge.org.


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