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Zapotec’s Engineers Finalize Third Solar Canopy Project
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Zapotec’s Engineers Finalize Third Solar Canopy Project image

As we jump into a new year, Zapotec’s engineers are finalizing the installation of their third solar canopy design for Hobbs Brook Management. Through another contract with Columbia Construction Company (CCC), the project’s general contractor, Zapotec has managed to roll out a 673.28 kW solar PV canopy system over the parking garage at 701 Edgewater Drive in Wakefield, MA. This project is the first commercial-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) system to be erected in the town of Wakefield.

During the last few weeks of 2016, Zapotec Energy, along with many other solar companies throughout Massachusetts, was working to complete several projects in time for the Department of Energy Resources’ (DOER) Solar Carve-Out II Program deadline (SREC II). In order for a system owner to qualify under the current SREC II program, the solar PV project needed to be “mechanically complete” by Sunday, January 8. The solar canopy system at 701 Edgewater was finished about one week in advance of the DOER’s deadline due to diligent project management by Columbia Construction Company.

The solar PV system is now undergoing testing and commissioning led by Zapotec’s engineers and electricians from Iannazzi Electrical Services, CCC’s electrical subcontractor. Representatives from SolarEdge, the inverter and optimizer manufacturer, have also joined the effort to ensure that the inverters and module optimizers are functioning properly within the system. On-site support from vendors makes for a smoother project workflow, especially as the PV system is ready to be turned on.

So, what’s next for Zapotec?

Right around the corner is a slightly larger parking garage canopy in the same office park located at 601 Edgewater Drive. Construction of the PV system has officially begun, qualifying it for the SREC II extension. Including these two projects in Wakefield, Zapotec has now designed a total of 2.9 MW of solar energy for Hobbs Brook with Columbia Construction Company.


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