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Welcoming back Maria French as Zapotec’s New Design Engineer
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Welcoming back Maria French as Zapotec’s New Design Engineer image

Maria French has joined Zapotec Energy's team of design engineers this winter, after completing her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering. Maria worked with Zapotec in the summer of 2019 through the MASSCEC's Clean Energy Internship Program. Zapotec is excited to have Maria return to the company as a full-time design engineer.


Maria graduated from Robert Morris University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. During her time at Robert Morris, Maria realized she wanted to be a part of the clean energy industry after graduation, so she decided to tailor her academic experience to focus on sustainability and renewable technologies. For example, in 2015, she traveled with her classmates to Germany to learn about the country’s sustainability initiatives. “It was inspiring to see firsthand how a country could obtain 40 percent of their power needs from renewable resources,” says Maria. “This experience was part of my motivation to help the United States integrate more renewables into its energy mix.” Maria continued her renewable energy education and completed her M.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in December 2019. Maria focused much of her coursework on solar energy to help her achieve her longtime goal to work in the solar industry.


Maria believes that solar is just one part of the solution to the climate crisis. “I believe in a sustainable lifestyle with my whole self,” says Maria. “Not only do I work it, I try to live it to the best of my ability. I want to help take the United States to the next level of renewable energy production and witness the transition away from fossil fuels in my lifetime.” Through her previous internship with Zapotec, Maria was able to develop a strong foundation for the overall solar design process. Zapotec is thrilled to have Maria rejoin the team and will be working closely with her to build up Maria's solar engineering capabilities.


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