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Taking Advantage of Hybrid Flat-Roof Mounting Systems
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According to an article posted by Solar Power World, flat-roof mounting systems that incorporate ballast and attachments can be extremely advantageous for solar installations in areas of high wind speeds. The hybrid flat-roof mounting system is able to keep roof weights low, ensuring that the roof structure will support the PV system. In areas that experience seismic activity, like California, the hybrid system is better able to meet the standards of the “structural reserve of the roof.”

In most scenarios, a self-ballasted mounting system is cheaper to install on the roof of a building. However, if you are purchasing ballast blocks that are truly designed to last 30 years through rain and snow, prices could start to add up quickly. Additionally, you may need a larger quantity of blocks to support the PV system in high winds.  In certain situations, you may be able to save money by installing attachments along with ballast. By adding attachments to your mounting system, you can reduce the amount of ballast and ultimately decrease the overall cost of the mounting system.

Before installing your system, make sure that your roof can accommodate both ballast and attachments. As Bushong mentions in his article, “It’s much more difficult to repair or track the source of leaks after a solar array is installed.” 


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