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Rising Senior from Wentworth Breaks into Clean Energy with MassCEC Internship
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Rising Senior from Wentworth Breaks into Clean Energy with MassCEC Internship image

Kristina Zunino has joined Zapotec Energy’s team of engineers as a MassCEC Intern, completing her second of three co-op assignments from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Kristina is a rising senior at Wentworth, studying electromechanical engineering in a five year program. Upon graduation in 2020, Kristina will receive a dual-degree in both electrical and mechanical engineering. Her concentration has been on electromechanical systems, with a minor in manufacturing. Prior to joining Zapotec’s team, Kristina completed a co-op at Raytheon, where she worked in the Circuit Card Assembly. Kristina’s experience at Raytheon was invaluable, teaching her about the operations, manufacturing, supply chain, and engineering that goes into making high quality products.

Since learning about wind and solar technologies in high school, Kristina’s interest in clean energy and sustainability issues has continued to grow. While at Zapotec, Kristina hopes to learn about the daily operations of a solar engineering firm and what makes the company successful. Kristina is eager to gain experience designing solar energy systems.

“Taking advantage of clean energy is the way to sustain our planet for future generations,” says Kristina. “I have grown up as part of the ‘disposable’ generation, where people no longer build things to last and everything can just be thrown away. I want to create systems that are clean, sustainable and long lasting.”

After graduation, Kristina plans to pursue a career as an engineer in the clean energy industry. She understands that there are many types of renewable energy technologies that can be used to make our buildings more efficient. Earlier this month, Kristina was able to tour Bentley University’s new Multipurpose Arena, the first LEED Platinum standalone ice hockey arena in the country. In addition to rooftop solar energy, the Arena takes advantage of several different types of energy efficiency technologies to save energy, water and other resources.

“My goal is to work with a non-profit organization like Engineers Without Borders or Engineering Ministries International,” adds Kristina. “I want to help develop sustainable solutions in communities across the globe.”

Kristina’s internship at Zapotec Energy has been made possible by the MassCEC’s Clean Energy Internship Program.


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