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PV Deployment Maximizes Benefits to the Grid
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In Rhode Island, the Office of Energy Resources (OER) and National Grid electric infrastructure planners have discovered how solar energy can benefit a utility’s distribution system. In fact, according to a study conducted by Boston’s Peregrine Energy Group, “solar distributed generation (DG) resources can provide 250 kW of reliable load relief at peak demand” in an area that would otherwise require conventional infrastructure updates (Peregrine 1). It is imperative that more states, municipalities and utilities take advantage of the opportunities offered by solar power to help offset electric loads, especially during peak hours.

Rhode Island’s OER is now working with other organizations on a program designed to incentivize homeowners and prospective solar developers to install arrays that face west or southwest to offset the afternoon peak electric demand. Although southern facing solar arrays produce more electricity over the year, western facing arrays are able to generate solar power during the most crucial hours of the day, making operations smoother for utilities.  By operating during peak periods, the solar DG will allow utilities to delay or even prevent costly infrastructure upgrades to its substation feeders and encourage greater investments in solar PV development.

Read more about this topic in the Clean Energy States Alliance’s article: “Rhode Island Makes Solar Work for the Distribution System.”


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