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Northeastern University Hosts Its First Energy Conference
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On Friday, Oct. 30, Northeastern’s Energy Systems Society (ESS), a student-led organization focusing on energy, sustainability and environmental issues, hosted its first Energy Conference. The all-day event was filled with guest speakers and panelists ready to discuss some of the major issues concerning energy in Massachusetts, the United States and beyond. Attendees were able to choose between a variety of sessions and workshops to hear from business leaders, government representatives and industry experts on a number of topics, including Energy Storage, Sustainable Buildings, Steam Trap, Energy Efficiency in Universities, Grids of the Future, Policy and more.

The President of Zapotec Energy, Paul Lyons, was invited to speak at the conference about innovation and emerging trends in clean power generation, specifically for solar energy. During the panel session, he was accompanied by Emily Izzo of the MassCEC, Carly Filler of Vanguard Renewables, and Lynn Benander of CoOp Power to present on their respective technologies and business strategies within the clean energy industry. The presentations quickly grew into an open discussion amongst the panelists and members of the audience who worked together to answer a few key questions, such as:

  1. Which sectors are taking the lead in the innovations race?
  2. What strategies are being put in place to expand the clean energy generation?
  3. How are users benefiting from these new breakthroughs?


Overall, Northeastern’s first Energy Conference was a success. The students of ESS were able to raise awareness of the nation’s energy issues by creating a positive environment for constructive feedback and brainstorming that will only help to improve the clean energy industry in Massachusetts. Here at Zapotec, we look forward to what ESS will do next.


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