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Zapotec Welcomes New Field Service Engineer: Brandon Sweet
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Zapotec Welcomes New Field Service Engineer: Brandon Sweet image

Zapotec Energy is excited to announce that Brandon Sweet has joined the team as a field service engineer. Brandon started working with Zapotec last fall and is working part-time until he completes his M.S. in Renewable Energy Engineering in May of 2020.

Brandon completed his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in May of 2010. After graduation, he pursued his interest in material science and worked at a glass and specialty materials manufacturing company, Schott North America. Here he learned much about the various uses of glass in modern society, such as fiber optics and solar photovoltaic modules. After Schott, Brandon spent four years serving on board an aircraft carrier in the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet. From there he went on to work for a semi-conductor equipment manufacturer, Lam Research, near Portland, Oregon. While Brandon enjoyed all of these experiences, he recognized that none of them embraced his passion.

After many runs through the forests and mountains of Oregon, one day Brandon decided that his passion for nature and his work should align. Shortly after which he moved back to New England to start his M.S. program in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Reflecting on his decision, Brandon expressed “rather than improving technology for the sake of progress, I wanted to be involved in deciding how we as a society use technology, both for the greater good and in a sustainable way”.

During his time at Zapotec, Brandon hopes to strengthen his understanding of the solar industry as a whole and more specifically gain knowledge about the decision-making processes for solar projects, the available technology, and the optimal use of our renewable and indigenous resources. Brandon is also excited to see the development of the alternative energy storage systems industry. Brandon recognizes energy storage as the key to long term renewable energy dependence and hopes to work in that industry one day. Brandon is happy to have found his way to Zapotec and cannot wait to see what his future with the company holds for him.

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