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MassCEC Intern Joins Zapotec’s Team of Engineers for Summer 2017
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MassCEC Intern Joins Zapotec’s Team of Engineers for Summer 2017 image

Zapotec welcomes Sandy Guenther as our newest MassCEC Clean Energy Intern this summer. Sandy recently completed her undergraduate degree at University of Massachusetts Amherst in May 2017, earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Before joining the Zapotec team, Sandy gained experience in the solar industry through an internship with Invaleon Technologies, a solar energy company based in Haverhill, MA.  At Invaleon Technologies, Sandy was able to build her engineering skills by working on designs for residential rooftop solar PV systems. It was a great opportunity for Sandy to see the various project stages of a residential solar PV system.

During her internship at Zapotec Energy, Sandy hopes to expand her knowledge to commercial-scale solar PV systems. She is eager to learn how the designs and financing of larger systems compares to the residential projects she worked on in her previous internship.

Sandy decided to direct her career toward renewable energy to help society become less dependent on conventional sources of energy, such as coal, oil and gas. “The opportunities for innovation and growth in the renewable energy industries are exciting,” says Sandy. “I have been motivated to work in this field to help find solutions.” Sandy is inspired by the recent solar boom in states like Massachusetts and California, including the dramatic drop in the cost of solar installations over the last several years.


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