Who We Are

Over 20 Years of Solar Projects in Massachusetts


Zapotec’s name is based on Lyons’ work as a solar contractor in the mid 1990s in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he observed Zapotec people whose forbearers had settled in the region because of the ideal mix of sunshine, water, climate and soil that enabled them to develop a lifestyle that was sustainable. Lyons designed and installed low-cost solar water heaters for homeowners, schools and non-profit institutions.

Early Years

After leaving Mexico and moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1997, Zapotec Energy was founded as a solo mechanical engineering practice, providing objective advice to a variety of clients to solve their dilemmas related to energy management, conservation and renewable energy production. In 2003, Zapotec Energy began providing design-build services for solar energy systems and solar commissioning services.

Current Practice

In 2007, the firm was incorporated and began to add employees and take on larger projects. Today there are five employees involved in a multitude of renewable energy projects throughout New England. Our specialties are solar energy design and construction, owner's engineering services, and operations and maintenance.